Who is Cuppie? Who is Kitty?

The Blog

Cuppie Kitty was born due to endless complaints on food and hunger for adventure. Serve as a platform to share things that matters and of course, the occasional rant. To drop us a love note or just about anything, email us.

The Cuppie

I love cats! I have cats ever since I was 7 years old. His name is Batman. However, I have no clue / whatsoever on how he went missing. Fast forward to now, I have a orange fluffy super extra ordinary adorable cat! His name is Giant. I adore him to the max! Actually, he's our beloved baby! He would be featured in our blog once in awhile.

Alright, enough with the kucing (malay for cat). I was born in Sibu, Sarawak (which is in East Malaysia). However, I do not have the benefit of being raise in the Borneo land as I was deported to Seremban (which is in Peninsular Malaysia) together with my family at the young tender age of 3-4. I've never set foot back to my birth place ever since. :( Fret not, I vow to go back and visit my birth place.. one day :)

Woots! This self-introduction is supposed to be brief! But I have so much to write! Anyway, I shall stop here. You guys will get to know me more along the way. Do stay tune and support us! 

The Kitty

I love cats! That explains the name. I'm Nicole offline. Born and raise in the small city of Grand Old Lady. A coastal city in northeastern Borneo, the Land of Headhunters. Give it a guess. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Working full time, 8 hours a day, often times more. I love being pampered but nothing gives me as much contentment as planning and executing  my own itinerary, I am down for almost anything. Strive to live epicly and legendairy. I have a soft spot for exotic food, which can be disgusting for many. Love beach, hate sun. Love water, not a good swimmer. Love jungle, hate mosquitoes. It is kind of confusing reading what I write but you will get the hang of it.

Hang around with us and enjoy your stay!